Light's Pokemon lair


Pokemon Sun randomizer nuzlocke

Seed : 21904590477988

Run 1

Starters : Mandibuzz, (M)Manectric, Crawdaunt. Chose (M)Manectric, named Cachorro.

Party members : Gumshoos, named Dick (caught on Route 01).

Lost to : 2nd Hau battle, had Crawdaunt, Drowzee, Yamask (run killer with astonish).

Notes : I had high hopes for this run from getting a mega as a starter. Gumshoos had pursuit, but he was killed by Crawdaunt and i was left with only normal moves on Manectric. Losing to astonish of all moves was pretty depressing. I just hope next run i don't encounter a ghost type early on again...

(This run has no "death" section because the deaths resulted in a team wipe.)

Run 2

Starters : Nosepass, Mighthyena, (Dusk)Lycanroc. Chose (Dusk)Lycanroc, named Ebony.

Party members :

Deaths : Cubchoo, named Burro (caught on Route 01), lost to a wild Haxorus' dragon rage.